For more than seven years, our founder has been operating in the fields of global networkin and research in the disciplines of investment, communication and management. Today, Voonberg is constantly expanding international network that issues the early-stage startups and medium size companies.

The most significant milestones in the Group’s history include the foundation of the Voonberg in Copenhagen (2019), New York (2019), Stockholm (2019), Berlin (2020), Dubai (2020), Doha (2020), Shanghai (2021), Paris (2020) and in (2022) Voonberg will commence its business network in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Since 2019, the Voonberg has developed innovative and diversified companies, focused on synergies between technology and experimentation, creativity, strategies and integrated communication, market issues and a new form of professionalism. E.G, Voonberg Academy offer young professionals working in the fields of Business, Marketing, Fashion, Design and Communication the knowledge and the effective tools they need to cater for the constantly developing requirements of the working world.

The nexus between knowledge and knowhow is the indispensable starting point for developing the cultural, creative and critical skills and competencies that are the ultimate goal at Voonberg Holding.

Partnerships with leading enterprises are a fundamental factor in Voonberg strategy, as well as active relationship with the business worldwide. Voonberg is connected with more than 200 firms worldwide that contribute a various of to all our subsidiary companies.

As a company with an international vocation, Voonberg Holding welcomes company´s with different nationalities and cultures to its orbit.