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One of longest Business negotiation.

This business deal empowers  a great partneship and an opportunity to work with one the largest company in the world.


Tracking World

economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic


One of longest Business negotiation.

This business deal supports the financial stability of the entire company for better invest and  manage all of

Voonberg´s subsidiary companies.



One of longest Business negotiation.

This business deal reflects deep on ability of the economy to generate growth over the coming decades and the experience.

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Voonberg Holding and Dangote Industries Limited Agree to Establish a Joint Venture for Research and Advanced Development of Next-generation, In-vehicle Semiconductors



Our Automobile

Co. Nericcio


Voonberg Holding and Dangote Industries Limited have reach an agreement to establish a joint venture* for research and advanced development of next-generation, in-vehicle semiconductors. The two companies will study the details and aim to establish the production of one of Voonberg´s companies Nericcio Automobili in April 2022.


Voonberg Holding consider mergers or acquisitions to procure new food & nutrition technologies, including automotive self-driving technologies, the company is aiming to compete more aggressively against its future rivals.



The Future Of

Voonberg Corp.

At an annual shareholders meeting President and Founder Litho José Nericcio said: All our companies are undergoing big changes, and issues and ideas which we may have thought were far off in the future could affect us tomorrow. That’s why we need to go on the offensive while also preserving our areas of strengt.

“We’ve been investing each year for R&D, expanding capex and buying back shares, but this may not be enough. We need to consider all our options, including M&A, to survive in the future.”


Voonberg Holding and China Construction Bank Established   an Agreement, to support European projects. 




Alliance With

Voonberg Corp.

China Construction Bank is one of Voonberg´s important alliance, support all of Voonberg´s European projects. It aims to provide and supporting of professional and dedicated entrepreneurs.

We target on skills and competences of entrepreneurship which are absent in their general curriculum, although fundamental for their professional career.


Voonberg Holding and Tata Motor Limited Established an Agreement, with focus in technology and production.



Of Automobile

Co. Nericcio


Tata is a Strategic Partnership for higher support, co-financed by a private equity investor based in Doha.

With priorities focuse within the field of high tech system of a changing labor market by raising skills and applying innovative approaches to improve the relevance of curricula by enhancing the transition to the develoment of software as well as hardware.

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