Voonberg works with investment banking services and comprehensive strategic-financial consulting for a wide range of sales, acquisitions and mergers.

Voonberg has two years of experience in buying start-ups and private and companies in a wide range of domestic and global transactions, by managing tenders, mergers and sales of activities and companies, managing delisting, merging private companies into public companies, MBOs, international transactions and more.

Voonberg´s highly experienced professional team has managed hundreds of transactions in which they have gained uniquely professional insights, by provides its companies management with end-to-end solution in managing decision-making process run by Voonberg’s Board of Directors and shareholders.

The extensive experience and creativity our managers enables Voonberg to offer our companies solutions tailored to their needs and to overcome the challenges along the way.

Proper and efficient management of the process helps company maximize value while maintaining complete confidentiality at all stages of the process. The team of analysts, together with the professional managers, sets Voonberg apart and establishes a significantly unique advantage worldwide.

For over 2 years, Voonberg has been an exclusive company within Global M&A Partners network, which has a presence in 40 countries around the world, thus giving Voonberg companies and clients access to global transactions quickly and efficiently.

Voonberg Ventures is a subsidiary of Voonberg with mission on investing in seeds and early stage start-ups, with largest consultancy, capital and a perfect opportunity for international entities in the Scandinavia. The company, which was founded by Litho José Nericcio, supports global fund managers in launching business and raising capital on the global institutional market. Voonberg Ventures provides consulting services to some of the largest and leading start-up fund managers worldwide.

The company’s group of clients include firms from America, Europe and Asia with total assets under management of over USD 2.5 trillion. Voonberg Ventures helps its clients establish stable and long-term business activity in Scandinavia via specialization in building strong brand awareness for its clients and their products, among the major decision makers on the local market.

Voonberg Ventures has helped some of the largest asset managers in the world penetrate the Nordic capital market and raise over USD 7 million in a variety of financial products.
Today, Voonberg Ventures Capital are aiming of becomeing the largest and leading company in Scandinavia in its field.

Voonberg Underwriting is a leading company in the IPO market in Denmark. The Company focuses on managing offerings for Scandinavia and global companies seeking to raise equity or debt on the Nordic Stock Exchange.

Voonberg provides its companies with an end-to-end solution for managing all offerings, from the review and feasibility stage, to managing the offering tenders and the actual raising of equity in the companies’s account.

Voonberg’s highly experienced underwriting and distribution team, which has managed hundreds of offerings raising hundreds of millions of Dkkr. The team has an in-depth familiarity and close working relations with all institutional investors in Asia and USA and its companies benefit from the extensive knowledge accumulated by its founders, when they served as controlling shareholders and executives of a leading institutional investor with client assets of some 2 billion. Its shares were traded on the TA- 100 Index.

Voonberg specializes in managing complex transactions, while integrating strategic-financial consulting to its companies in all aspects of the capital market and relations with Asian and Untide Emirates institutional investors.

Returning companies over many years bear witness to the level of professionalism and service Voonberg provides its managements.

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