Voonberg strives to strengthen innovation through international, bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other organizations. The primary objective is to generate value at local and global level by cultivating knowledge, mutual learning and facilitating novel exchange of expertise and experiences through the active participation in cooperation projects.

Voonberg engages the creative intelligence and competences of all its staff by their lecturers, professionals and alumni leveraging on its 10+ years proven-track record in developing companies and sustainable innovation.

Tata is a Strategic Partnership for higher support, co-financed by a private equity investor based in Doha.

With priorities focuse within the field of high tech system of a changing labor market by raising skills and applying innovative approaches to improve the relevance of curricula by enhancing the transition to the develoment of software as well as hardware.

China Construction Bank is one of Voonberg´s important alliance, support all of Voonberg´s European projects. It aims to provide and supporting of professional and dedicated entrepreneurs.

We target on skills and competences of entrepreneurship which are absent in their general curriculum, although fundamental for their professional career.